Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kickstarter Interview 01: The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup

Darin: Welcome everyone to another Kickstarter interview! As you have noticed, we not only do audio interviews of Kickstarter projects, but are now endeavoring into the world of written interviews as well! Fun, huh? The project that we have before us, and might I also add that I am very excited to learn more about, is a novel called The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup, written by Grover Rockwood http://kck.st/PZOOyA. So Grover, let's get started.

Darin: Where are you from?

Grover: I'm from Springfield, Illinois.

Darin: Hey, that’s close to our neck of the woods! We're from Iowa City, Iowa. What got you into writing?

Grover: I began writing in my sophomore year of high school. Whenever I got bored of the class, I would pull out a notebook. By senior year I had written out a novel and my english teacher was asking for us to make up a story as a project for a weekly assignment. She gave me full marks on the project and said I had good potential as a novelist.

Darin: I know if I had tried to write a novel in high school, my English teacher would have laughed in my face, and through her tears asked me if I was serious. Novel writing is definitely not my forte, so you have my admiration! What are some of your favorite literary genres?

Grover: Fantasy and Science Fiction are my favorite genres. To be honest, I'll read almost anything at least once. The only genre I typically won't (But still might) is romance.

Darin: I totally get the romance thing. Are there any writers that influence your writing, and if so how?

Grover: You can't help but be influenced by J Tolkien if you've read any of his books. I love the complexity of his worlds and try to work the same into my books.

Darin: Tolkien is definitely a common thread between the different writers that we have interviewed here at Between the Bubbles. What is The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup about?

Grover: The book is about Zenas (A lupus pup). He starts off homeless, but is adopted by Bethia and brought to the lupus continent to live with his own kind in a small clan called Tiato. From there events unfold that will change the lives of everyone on Sopho.

Darin: I like how don’t spoil the fun about how Zenas' presence changes the world of Sopho. Now we will definitely have to read your book! Who or what inspired the creation of The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup? The main character Zenas?

Grover: The whole Sopho universe came from a novel I wrote right after High school and abandoned. This book originated from a short story I wrote in late 2002. That short story is actually the first chapter of this book. Zenas became the main character when my friends asked me to write more about this wolf pup.

Darin: How long have you been working on The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup?

GroverA WHILE! I wrote a whole different version of the book that I scrapped in 2006. It wasn't until 2008 that I started the new and current version of the book. The book was finished (draft) in 2009 and it wasn't until the middle of 2011 that I began to consider publishing.

Darin: Wow, when you said A WHILE you definitely weren’t kidding! That’s amazing that you have dedicated so much time into this project. What have been some of the challenges of making this book?

Grover: Creating the lupus continent, lupus clans, and lupus culture. I wanted them to have many of the traits that we see in wolves as well as unique traits that are part of their society. Deciding on what languages would be used in magic was also a hard choice. The single biggest challenges are the fact that the novel point of view isn't always Zenas', and that the antagonist causing the events in the book isn't revealed until the next book.

Darin: I have to ask this because I really liked your kickstarter commercial; especially the images and the music. What inspired the commercial for The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup, and where did you get the music?

Grover: I wrote out what would be said in the commercial. My friend Christopher Keith did the rest. Here's his twitter. https://twitter.com/Mozzaratti

Darin: I will definitely be following him! Last question Grover, and probably the most important. What makes The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup special and different, and why should people support it?

Grover: This is a very difficult question. I'm not going to say that my book will revolutionize the fantasy genre or the Science fiction genre. I did everything I could to make The World of Sopho a unique series, instead of the typical stereotype you see when reading either genre.  I can only hope the reader gets as much enjoyment from the book as I've gotten from developing the Sopho universe.

Darin: Well Grover, it sounds like a really interesting concept and story! The thing I am most intrigued about is the fact that the main character, and the world of your book, is full of lupi. I mean really, who doesn’t like a reading about lupi?! I know I will definitely be backing your kickstarter. We here at Between the Bubbles wish you the best, and good luck on reaching your goal for The World of Sopho - The Silver Pup! Also to our dear readers, be sure to follow Grover on Twitter at @Groverrockwood! 

Happy Reading!

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