Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making it big time (or something like that).

(By Braeden)

For years, my wife has been telling me I need to have a podcast.

We'd be sitting around, I'd be talking about whatever, nothing in particular, and she'd laugh. "The things you say . . . I wish I just had a recorder to walk around with all the time, to record everything you say. It'd make a great podcast."

I didn't believe her. I mean, after all, it's just me saying words, right? There's nothing special about that.

Years ago, my brother and I talked about making a podcast to go with our music review blog. But as so often happens to me when it comes to blogging, it fell by the wayside, an untapped idea that never came to fruition. I have a bad habit of blogging in spurts; I'll get really excited and post a lot in a short period of time, hit a minor road block, and be silent for months. Or years.

Then I met Darin. He and I bonded immediately about so many things - but at its center was a shared love for graphic storytelling that, regardless of whether we agreed on other aspects of life, politics, etc., we could always come back to as common ground.

He was on vacation with his family and would be gone for three weeks. It was a bummer; I missed hanging out with the guy who has quickly become my best friend. And then my phone rang: a call that will live in infamy. He asked if I would be interested in looking into starting a podcast about comic books.

The rest is, as they say, history.

I taught myself how to edit audio files; found a place with public domain bumper music; taught myself basic graphic design; spent days carefully crafting our logo, our brand, our webpage. Darin got back into town with tons of big ideas, and we hammered them out and recorded our first podcast on Sunday, 08 July. I edited the episode and uploaded it and we were on our way.

It's been a frenetic few weeks. We've recorded at least one episode every week (even when I was out of town, albeit separately); we've worked hard to build listenership on Twitter and Facebook, reaching out to creators we love and telling them why we love their stuff. And they've reached back to us! The internet is an amazing place.

This week, it's been kicked in to high gear. First, Dark Horse Comics themselves tweeted about Darin's review of Alabaster Wolves, which was huge. Second, we've been working with various Kickstarter creators, to interview them and get their projects out there into the world. And lastly, this afternoon Comic Planet, a news aggregator, has us listed as the top story in their "stories" section. Just so you believe me, since it will undoubtedly update and we'll get buried, take a look at this sexy screenshot:

I'm excited that we're getting the exposure we are. We intend to keep putting in all that work, and want to continue to bring a diverse, fun podcast (and periphery) to you, the listener, every week.

Often people ask me what I want to have happen with the podcast. Would I love if we could grow it into something substantive, something that brings in money (or at least subsidizes the comics we buy weekly)? Definitely. But it's no rush. For now, I'm just enjoying building this thing from the ground up, working to share with those around me the graphic storytelling I love so much.

So . . . happy reading!

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